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Accessories: includes shapeways designs Chapterhousehouse Studios -- Fixed link! One stop shop for competive miniature painters. That's a new one Mithril -- Lotr stuff. Naval Solutions -- Boats! Good luck! Great list of miniature supplies. Was just starting to add some details on ranges supported by these entries Brian Herr. The software allowed me to draw all the NATO symbols required, assign them to keys, and save them as a truetype font file. Since then, all I have to do is open a table in word with the desired dimensions, shift to that font, and start typing.

A fair amount of work to set up, but simplicity itself to use. If you can still find it, I highly recommend it. I spent the past decade as a modeller in video games. I've been researching 3D printers for a couple years. The problem as it relates to components for games is this. Even if they could print the level of detail required for mini's which consumer level printers CANNOT , the per unit cost is too high and will probably be high forever Think about printing a photo on your home printer VS going to a place like Walmart or Costco etc to print out images.

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The cost of Ink and paper means that printing at home is triple or more the cost of just having a pile of images printed at a store. Wait another 5 years and we'll see 3D printers cheaper, higher res and easier for the consumer but the cost will NEVER be lower than the manufactured option.

Now making your own custom components is a viable use for sure but we're still years away from the level of detail everyone demands and expects from quality components. It also reminds me of when I was a kid and the common printer was a 9pin dot matrix. It printed out VERY low resolution and in black only. Now you have full colour super high res printers which are super cheap. It only took 25 years to get there! Right now we're at the same place with consumer level 3D printers where dot matrix printers were.

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It's also much easier to snap a photo and hit print then it is to 3D model an object and print it out. That's a totally different issue. Sure if you've got the modelling experience like myself and many others in the industry Then you're already a step closer to realizing your ideas in solid form but even then, why would I spend 20 or 30 hours modelling a character when I can just buy something cheap which is acceptable.

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Oh well, time will tell. Andrew Tullsen. Duke Of Lizards. Livin's mostly wasting time, and I waste my share of mine. Petersburg and Moscow, later reworked in home studio In fact the same program was prepared for both shows so some fragments of the compositions intersect, but due to the live mixing of sampled layers of analogue and computer synthesis and use of such instruments as analogue synth "Rokton", radio receivers, voice and processing units, both tracks sound entirely different in the end.

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In both cases these are constantly moving psychoactive soundscapes spreading from soft pulsations and drones to sprightly noisy fragments spiced up with a couple of funny samples. Many reviewers referred Kshatriy's previous works to space dark ambient and the new album also has a cosmogonic feel to its musical images.

This time everything takes place in utterly deep space, in the immense emptiness that contains the whole world. Swinging on slow waves which shimmer in all possible colours we contemplate monumental galactic metamorphoses. Slowly unwinding are the tight spirals of synthesizer drone, rhythmic patterns pulsate and emotional melodies are cut with rare flashes of voice samples.

Smoothly flows the sound, charged with energy, transmitting the experience of self-awareness from the musician to the listener Back then "Mushrooms As the author says, this album is a magical journey consisting of nine pieces which emerged from the intuitive contemplation of the most secret levels of consciousness dissolved in space. Those who are familiar with Kshatriy 's sound will hear his trademark features, but overall this album sounds more experimental than his later works.

Instead of dense flows of thick cosmic ambience space is filled with weird abstract forms and flickering electronic collages.

Psychedelic atmosphere, psychoactive sound. Remastered by the author in The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 77 copies in a sleeve of designer black cardboard. Muzyka Voln presents the project's first "professional" compact disk with the album "Slepok Sonzaniya" meaning "a mould of consciousness" in Russian This work is based on the concept of consciousness of a warrior, a galactic warrior of light, bringing to world pure knowledge, infinite silence, perfect balance, a moment of power and might, a flight of freedom, love, serenity, joy, light, unified time, eternal life, simplicity and bliss The music of the project can be described as fractal dark drone ambient with lots of patterns, woven from various sonic fibres: synthesized drones, processed field recordings, acoustic echoes and rhythmic loops.

Calm and profound, filled with resilience and hidden power, like an endless ocean of tranquility, energy and beauty. The album is dedicated to the end of Kali-Yuga - the age of technocratic lack of spirituality and moral decay - and to the attainment of human awareness of the Unity Eight hasteless compositions of psychedelic drone ambient combine a light atmosphere with deep multilayerness, crystal clear sound transparency with mild and sometimes uneasy melodies.

Soft organic tracks full of plangent drones, noises and natural recordings neighbor with dense and saturated hymns to Hindu goddess Kali.

The disk is closed by a beautiful lyrical composition reminding us that the best way to overcome ignorance and realize unity is Love The idea of creating this album appeared after visiting a special exhibition at the Hermitage, which presented a lot of original artifacts from this ancient settlement buried in the sands. Special inspiration came from a deep understanding of the ephemeral and impermanent nature of existence — even prosperous cultures can die in one moment because of the blind greed of invaders From the musical point of view, here one can hear the full sound palette typical for Lunar Abyss.

This includes multilayered ambiental sketches with flowing chains of samples, voice loops and acoustic instruments; rhythmic percussive tracks with vigorous pulsating energy; abstract collages made of analogue electronics, radio noises and fragments of television programs; semi-static enveloping drones spiced up with field recordings. The psychedelic kaleidoscope of aural images continues its work — the fans of the albums "Snovidenie" , "Tuntury" and "Atimudra" won't be disappointed!

The CD-version is limited to copies and comes in a 4-panel matte foldout digisleeve. Cassette edition with a chrome type II tape, limited to 50 copies. But this harmony is fragile, occasionally it becomes covered with the rust of dark ambient and noise passages, and sometimes it is completely destroyed when the sonic field is invaded by the harsh dissonant music of The Noktulians. As a result, the whole album turns into a maelstrom of sounds and melodies dragging an unguarded listener into its abyss… The artwork for the album was created by Elena Lisitsa.

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CD edition is limited to copies and comes in a matte 4-panel digisleeve. Cassette edition is limited to 50 copies and comes in a clear case with full-colour artwork. With this instrument Igor recorded several experimental dark ambient albums notable for particular surrealistic sound and detached atmosphere of loneliness.

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The project ceased its existence in January with the death of the author The accordion is not the most convenient instrument to carry but Igor recorded the material for this work in summer alone with nature, in thickets of forests and swamps, while later working on it in his mobile studio. This resulted in six dissociative dark ambient compositions in which abstract textures morph into harmonic consonances, get overgrown by viscous layers of electronic processings and turn into rhythmic patterns created from looped acoustic noises. Often one can hear the characteristic timbre of the instrument, but sometimes it transforms into something chemically otherworldly as if coming from another dimension.

Here one can feel the subtle personal moments when one's left alone with himself, surrounded by dark woods and looking in the abysmal mirror of infinity The recording was originally published in as a web-release by Eternal Return Records , but for this reissue the author considered making new mastering to fully reveal all the details of sound.

Mastering was done by Ralax Coiled Ear Studio. This edition is made on quality pro-CDRs, packed in designer cardboard sleeves and limited to 77 numbered copies. Digital version is available on bandcamp. Skald has been seriously involved in making music since and after long musical and ideological transformations he came up with the balanced combination of tradition, contemplativeness and rituality in his compositions.

Using a vast palette of electronic and acoustic instruments - synthesizers, field recordings, samples, winds, mouth harp and guitar - he draws the atmosphere of this beautiful place of power Views of Ladoga are also captured in the graphic illustrations of Valentina Mustajarvi accompanying the audio recordings.

Peering into the vast of the lake and skerries, listening to musical pictures, one can almost feel the breath of free Ladoga winds, as sounds of its waters reflect in one's mind with shimmering images of Karelian nature… Unvaried are seas and oceans in their appearance therefore their view is always archaic.

And Ladoga is called a freshwater sea for a good reason, as like a sea it can be severe and stormy. The Nevo Sea, it was called by ancient traveling merchants. Mira Drevo stay true to their folk ambient sound, their music is a journey through snowy Russian villages and vast spaces which separate them by many miles Beautiful melancholic melodies and wavy textures pierced by meditative motifs - this is the music of a long winter, the music of the North Since , Frans has been involved in many different projects: Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Wander, Freiband, Quest, Goem, Zebra are just a few names to which he relates.

As of today, his main solo project is Modelbau , in which he plays minimalist experimental electronics The album "Ypsilon" , recorded in October , includes two minute pieces with a smooth development of the plot. In the first track, the layers of dense synth drone and mild noise waves morph into completely minimalistic fragments of stripped down to the bone low frequencies, which then gradually reappear in flesh of atonal vibrations and ultra-slow modulations.

The second piece is a very quiet and tranquil slow-evolving sonic field, reminiscent of the works of Eliane Radigue from the 70's and 80's The edition is presented in two versions: a minute audio cassette and a double-CDR in cardboard sleeves under a common cover, each version is limited to 47 copies. Having recorded several tracks in the members of the project haven't done absolutely anything to make the result available for the public, and they just disappeared in complete obscurity And only now can the gap be considered completely filled as this disk contains the full legacy of the project.

Music of NBFA is a kind of old school electro industrial: catchy rhythms, melodies and well thought-out synthetic fillings of tracks. Various samples spice up the compositions, and their titles like "Illuminati", "Cleansing the Planet", "Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub" unambiguously talk about the ideological basis of this mysterious project.

After releasing five albums on the "Strely Peruna" "Perun's Arrows" label, the project temporarily fell in a lethargic sleep but woke up again in with a renewed name and approach. As Neznamo Dmitriy has released several mini-albums on his own label Moonsun Productions , as well as a number of collaboration works with several other acts from the Russian drone underground: Misery, Bardo, Lunar Abyss, Siyanie , etc… For those interested in the project's roots and branches we can give some more keywords: Temnozor', Medve Na Meche, Peal Grim, Magickal Things.

The album consists of one min long composition recorded in a deep transcendental state.

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Covered in ornaments of unhasting vibrations, flickering and parallel sound layers, dense string drone permeates the whole track. This music is for lovers of deep inner self diving. Towards the depths of pitch-dark sound where one can see all forms dissolving in emptiness and being reborn by it again in an endless game of space and imagination. On the first album of this new project he collaborates with Michel Madrange aka M. Nomized - an honoured activist of the French underground since This is a geographical and socio-political fantasy, a place not found on Earth - as there is no place for this musical project whose creations are born in virtual space during an exchange of material by mail.

The result of this exchange is presented in 8 compositions, in which electronic rhythms are tightly interwoven with multi-layered arrangements made of synthesized sounds, voices, sampled musical fragments and field recordings, forming striking industrial psychedelic kaleidoscope of visions. Petersburg in October This concert was peculiar because of the non-traditional band line-up which aside from 1g0g included some of his friends: musicians Nikolay Kalmykov Hladna , M.

By common efforts these comrades performed totally improvised material quite typical for the "St. Petersburg post-industrial wave" and combining elements of collage, industrial, noise and ambient. Field recordings and voice manipulations, metal percussion and rough analogue signals, guitar semi-melodies and various sound effects - all this is harmoniously blended in the unified psychedelic soundsphere.

The final countdown turns into a long immersion in a cold cerbal-sonic abyss where it's impossible to find out for sure if you are calmed or frightened, comforted or sneered at The album also contains a ritual video for the track "Spirit", not however making the issue more clear. Despite releasing a debut full-length only now, Notum is not a newcomer to the world of experimental music. The unwillingness to follow any particular musical style creates an interesting multiverse in which the listener moves from room to room, sometimes without even noticing how this happens.

Here you are crinkling from noise and shrill frequencies one track is recorded with the drone-noise project Kryptogen Rundfunk , then you are relaxing from a soft piano, totally sinking in an odorous floral drone — and bam! It all sounds like a psychedelic labyrinth built by a sonic architect with a brisk imagination and a peculiar sense of humor, or a bright morning dream in which scenes are changing in an unpredictable way, completely absorbing the dreamer.

The oneiric theme is also emphasized by the incredible artwork created by the Californian artist and musician Matthew Waldron irr. Petersburg and often performing together at city gigs and forest festivals. Three long psychoactive tracks filled with gritty analogue noise, farced with scraps of electronic signals and soaked in a syrup of harmonious drones. Despite the abrasive texture of sound and use of rather sharp effects, the atmosphere of the album is quite contemplative.

Like the severely frosty northern night with polar lights: the air bites your skin and burns your lungs, but you just can't stop staring.