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Now congratulate this dude, he's a boss Try me, I will embarrass you, like soccer moms doin' the floss Check out my switch mag Get a Glock, put a Joy-Con where the clip at And when you twitch I'll be screamin' at the chat to clip that Clip that!

I Ran Into My Ex-Boyfriend - Just One Bite - Season 2 - EP.03 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Flows tight But know my screws is loose I'm Samuel Jackson of this YouTube rappin' Grabbin' my super suit My lines got a nice ring to 'em, barbells My name carry weight in the community, cartels Let's go! I makin' a mil' off of rappin' No cappin' and I am not wearin' no VVS I got so many rhymes My rap sheet is longer than a receipt at a CVS It's finna' go down, better go now 'Bout to hit 'em with a four pound, better know now I ain't talkin' about guns, just talkin' about bars Don't really wanna be the one to slow down Bodied the beat Draw the chalk lines on the instrumental, zip it up Now I can crush up The Infinity Stones into powder, then sniff it up [Verse Scru Face Jean] Um, hahahaha!

I'm the sergeant of all my squadrons This is all out war I'll make you sprint, like the phone I'm not the one to call out, boy And my foes is more then hoes Them bros is all out whores Time to dead you Pop with the metal, make you fall out, boy Fuck all that noise 'Cause now I'm in this bitch, like ya' mother See, Crypt is my brother Talk slick, I'll make a crypt for your brother My nigga, I've suffered But you won't hear me bitch like the others You think they your brothers But you can hear them hiss with they hug ya' You slick motherfuckers Gon' end up in a ditch when I'm done Got a problem, then bite your tongue That's called a bitch where I'm from A Sig is a gun Want smoke, I'll put that shit in your lungs Turn me to a serial killer And you Cinnamon Crunch My niggas is- ummm Young, and goin' dumb with the drum March for a band, that little drummer boy Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum For a lump sum They shootin' like the Rucker dumb dumb Now you M.

Let's view inside my mind And see what things we find and discover No rapper better than I, so Take ya' pick, I'll leave 'em shuddered No exposure needed for my focus To show my light I'll ram my way in the game with my shows I'm hungry, so my gig a bite I'll snap in a flash Red is the only color I see, whenever I'm lookin' at you Stompin' they ass Kickin' them motherfuckers when they are down, like Ndamukong Suh Rappers don't get mad at me, that's something you'll regret I'll have you nervously persperatin' over this beef, like meat sweats Rap is a house, and bitch, I'm high up in it Call me a rap-addict, bitch, the sky is not the limit Roll up on me and get smoked, yo', fuck your drama I'm crackin' skulls in this joint, I call that blunt force trauma And much more commas won't make me rap with you, I'm immortal Make you and your hoe go ghost, 'cause I know you just a pair of normals I'm sick when spittin' that's the difference between you and me I'm me, but you wanna copy, right?

Like UMG Wait, you thought that was it? Crypt is in this bitch, and bitch, you know I gotta spit it quick So, everybody come and listen up I gotta tell you What the fuck we gonna do to go and fuckin' rip it up Yo', switch it up, everybody fearin' when we hit it up Ryan Oakes knows his flow was different? Crypt is a rapper who is active on YouTube. He often works with other artists around the country and sometimes dedicates time on his channel to promote lesser-known artists.

Nato also produced and rapped on the first YouTube Cypher. This Cypher features 13 rappers. Some are very popular on youtube and others are less so.

Should I Get Rid of My Dog? What to Do If Your Dog Bites

We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Turns out it was two trees by the driveway, which I will miss terribly but am grateful they missed my car by a good 20 feet or so. A large tree fell across the county road in front of the farm, missing a car with a woman and two young girls by just seconds.

It began to fall just in time for them to pull up. If you were looking, that is. Lucky for him, he hit the high side of the tree and was cushioned by the multiple small branches and leaves. Jim and I, who were out working on our own downed trees stood watching with our mouths agape. I took several photographs but none of them come close to conveying how huge these trees are. The photo below gives you a better sense of scale. Just herding the sheep every day now is quite the adventure, since sheep, dog and I have to wend our way through steep, muddy ground and fallen branches to get there.

Think I can skip watering this weekend? See rain gauge below from the first storm. On the right is one of the breaks in the pines. Or Really, I have no idea. My back says at least a ton. Hope you are weathering whatever the climate has brought you.

Several homes and business have been flooded or badly damaged by the storms, and my heart goes out to them. So is Maggie. My daughter volunteers at a horse rescue place. They called her Diamond. She was nine years old, and had been living on the streets, for who knew how long. When my daughter brought my grandson, who was four at the time, over to see the horses he met Diamond.

The two fell in love. All he could talk about afterwards was Diamond. Anytime my daughter brought her son to the Sanctuary, he and Diamond would spend the whole time hanging out. Diamond is a large dog, they were renting a very small house, and they already had two cats. But who could resist the bond between boy and dog? Another couple were also interested in adopting Diamond. They were realistically a better fit, as they were living on a few acres in the country, not a small rented house in the city. No one had the heart to break them up!

My daughter definitely went through some anxious moments. Diamond is a sweet dog, but needed socializing, and had some abandonment issues. She also just takes up a lot of room. All went well, fortunately, as Diamond is a sweet, patient, attention loving dog.

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All the great advice in dog books about making sure you have the right home definitely should be heeded, but sometimes life has other plans…. Turns out, she was only crate-trained at their house and, although I did a few short trial runs leaving her loose in the house no other options for her safety without problems, on Day 4 not 3, ironically : , I had to leave the house for an hour. When I came back there was much destruction at the entry points: blinds, molding, door, etc. After talking with my trainer friend and with the rescue, I took her back. My go-to thought is: Patience! I am a foster home for a local dog rescue.

Some were a great fit in my house and others… well, not so much. I have to help the dog get past whatever hangups he or she has and become adoptable. In some cases this never needs to be done.

Yay I got My NILE MONITOR!! | Arachnoboards

In other cases, I have to overcome years of poor treatment, neglect, lack of training or socialization, or worse. There are always problems. That length of time can vary from hours to weeks. All the suggestions you mention phone a qualified friend, research, etc.

Cancer has taught me to live life and have no regrets – it’s how I want my kids to remember me

I gently correct unwanted behavior. I enthusiastically support wanted behavior. Controlled exercise with my own dogs. Twice daily. No exceptions. Exposure to problems. Fearful dogs get sensitive, gradual exposure to whatever they are afraid of. Whatever the problem is, there is no way I can avoid exposing the dog to that problem if I want a dog that is adoptable.

Appropriate reward for a job well done. Other times it is a treat. Or a gentle neck rub. Or some agenda-free time alone with me. Rewards are ONLY given when a job is well done. Sometimes I get the easy dogs. More often they come with baggage.

My job is to set them up for an easy and successful transition to an appropriate new home. Let me know at info patriciamcconnell. Chances are there is a great dog out there for you! But do line up a good source of advise and support—it is so important for us all! He was not a carefully considered addition he simply has the potential to be too fine a cat to pass up. What have I done? They are closely supervised and one or the other is generally in a cat carrier. He really is a work of art.

What the heck have I done?


What could I have been thinking? I was told my middle aged rescue collie walked well on a leash, was socialized with cats, dogs and children. Beware: Walking around a yard, in a rural area is nothing like walking in a neighborhood with runners, skate boarders, bikers, delivery trucks, school buses,,,, My collie never tired even though we walked her every day 5 times a day 6, 10, 2, 6, My collie does like other dogs but comes at them much to aggressively which usually upsets the other dogs and their owners.

She bit a neighbor who came up behind her on the sidewalk while she was on a 6 foot leash- one and done. She bit then sat next to the neighbor. No one can adopt a dangerous dog because of the liability. She was a star in class though. I had made an appointment with a vet behaviorist but had to cancel because my dog was in rabies quarantine again!