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Best Burgers in Beatty, NV

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Atomic Burger · Atomic Burger is "a Step Toward Hamburger Utopia"

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Best Burgers in Beatty, NV

This can be very useful to enhance the user interface of your website as well. It has all sorts of animations and visuals that you will need for your hamburger menu. The button is appeared on the screen initially. Once you click on it, the two horizontal lines at the top and bottom are rotated and moved. These are the six toppings that we add to a big bowl of mixed greens in order to create our Vortex House Salad:.

Salads come with one dressing on the side. Additional dressings are an additional charge — 3. All of our Sandwich and Burger plates come with a side item. Some are provided for free, and others are available for a small up-charge. So choose your side item from the two lists below.

Atomic Burgers Fallout Burger Challenge - MVF

All our Sandwiches are delicious. Choose a Side Dish to go along with it from the list above. Corned beef, Swiss cheese, caraway sauerkraut and thousand island dressing served on griddled swirl rye bread. This is a pretty damned delectable Reuben for a burger joint in Atlanta.

A traditional cuban sandwich filled with roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mojo marinated pickles and spicy brown mustard — gri ddled nice and flat. Great with a side of fried plantains. A deep-fried chicken breast topped with a fried egg and bacon, all covered with our delicious white sausage gravy, and served on Texas Toast. We flame-grill a big, thick 9-inch beef weenie and serve it naked on a butter-griddled bun.


You can also add shredded cheese and beef or turkey chili for an additional charge. Basically a boneless buffalo wing sandwich. Slow roasted pork, topped with bacon, grilled ham, jack cheese and onion rings, smothered in our spicy honey BBQ sauce and served on a burger bun. No frills, no nonsense. A selection of condiments is on the table, so you can dress your burger however you want. The Basic Burgers above and Signature Burgers below are cooked to temp. So tell us how you want your burger cooked. Would you rather have a non-beef option?